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  • Jon White

    My R04 Summary of Funding Model 35 Funding Report is showing as zero funding for my AEB Other Learning (non-procured) provision, though the correct amount is showing in the Main Occupancy Report Excel file. Not sure if I should be concerned and if anyone else is seeing this issue? I did raise this as an problem with the service desk 5 days ago, but I’ve not had a reply yet. I’ve submitted an updated R04 this morning and the problem is still there?


    Stuart Mitchell

    Same here. I suspect they haven’t updated the report to take account of recent changes to the “fundline” field in the database. Other reports (e.g. Funding Summary) seem OK.



    Good morning

    I asked about this a few weeks ago and I wasn’t the only one who had this problem, so didn’t worry as the Occupancy report was ok. I did expect the FIS to have been updated ready for the R04 though especially as we haven’t had any acknowledgement from the ESFA that this is an issue.



    Martin West

    It is always best to check if it is a Known issue first:
    On the Summary of Funding Model 35 Funding Report the Funding Line Type AEB – Other Learning (non-procured) and the AEB – Other Learning (procured) sections are showing values of 0 even though the data is populated in the ILR file. This defect is appearing in both the CSV and PDF version of the report.



    It’s a known issue. The report is, to use a technical term, knackered.

    Also, I don’t want to be mean, but there’s been about eight threads already asking this question…


    Jon White

    Thank you Stuart & Joan, that’s helpful to know I’m not alone. I’ll stick to the Occupancy Report for now, but not as user-friendly for reporting to my senior management!

    Thanks, Jon

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