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    I stopped receiving any notifications/e-mails from FE Connect back in Dec 17. I reported this to ESFA/Data Svs, and eventually the reply i received back was ‘to unsubscribe, then click back to add it on’.
    I have done so under Settings, but it has made no difference at all.

    I’m aware i can manually log into FE Connect and check for Topics each day, but would much prefer the e-mail notifications, as that was i don’t miss anything.

    Could anybody help shed any light? Or perhaps give a more detailed instruction that the Data Svs?

    Thank You.


    Sue Bishop

    Hi Caz

    If you are signed in to FE Connect and go onto forums then data issues, there are two green tabs at the top saying “subscribe to digest” and “subscribe to forum”. If you click on these, you’ll get the email notifications.




    Sue Bishop

    p.s. I think you may have to subscribe to both



    Thank You Sue
    Unfortunately according to my FEConnect account i AM subscribed to receive notifications, but they randomly stopped coming at some point in December.
    I will try the ‘on & off’ again and see if it up[dates overnight.


    Caspar Verney

    Hi Caz,

    I had this same infuriating syndrome back in 2016/Beginning of 2017 (I think together with quite a lot of other folk) and missed loads. I complained on FeConnect on one of the threads and one of the SFA guys picked it up (it might even have been Chris) and someone in their back office clearly performed some magic because there was nothing I could do and then suddenly it just came back to life. So am afraid I don’t know what the trick was, but would recommend that you keep beating at the helpdesk door and tell them “done that, no change – what next, please?” (if you also tell them what else you have already tried then it may stop them suggesting the same things and might get it escalated).




    I stopped getting notifications many months ago as well. I’ve moved to a new job and changed the email address on my FE Connect account and now all the notifications are working again. Maybe try changing your email address?



    Thank You for all of your replies.

    Casper – The exact same thing happened to me in Dec 2016, that time i was told they were reducing the amount of posts people saw!?

    Anyway – it is now fixed! Hows this for technical… I clicked on Unsubscribe from Topic, & Digest – then re-clicked on them to subscribe – and overnight it appears to have started working.

    🙂 Happy Days!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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