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    Martin Taft

    We are aware that some training providers are facing difficulties in reconciling payments they have received with the reports we provide in the apprenticeship service. We want to assure training providers that ESFA staff are working hard to resolve these queries as quickly as possible.

    Training providers that have a query should contact the national contact centre on 08000 150 600 or email

    Our digital team are always working on improvements to the apprenticeship service and over the next 2 months we will be releasing improvements to reporting that will simplify the process of reconciling payments.

    These improvements will include clearer labelling of ILR earnings versus actual payments made, and will separate out additional payments to be passed on to employers for learners aged 16-18.

    Alongside this, we are also looking at improving the reporting on deleted or amended learner data following an amendment by a training provider to the ILR, as well as detailed guidance regarding remittance statements and how they relate to the data found on funding reports.

    As a service, we work with users to develop the system and we actively draw upon feedback in order to make improvements. If you would be interested in being part of a user research group, please contact

    You can keep up to date with developments on the service by following @ESFADigital on Twitter and subscribing to our ESFADigital blog.



    Thanks Martin, nice to know *someone* is listening!

    The problem with @ESFADigital is it’s broadcast only, it hasn’t @ replied to anyone since 4 September and I’m sure it’s been asked questions subsequently (even excluding Nick Linford being snarky!). Twitter is a conversational medium (much like this message board), and if you don’t reply, people ignore you…



    Wow. great to hear a response. Thanks Martin. Look forward to seeing the improvements mentioned.



    Following on from my earlier comment we have had a very detailed response from the ESFA. They acknowledged that currently, the Apps Pay Monthly Report doesn’t reconcile to the remittance advice. And took us through the missing areas. Their explanation did provide a lot of the clarity and the main difference that we’d identified was that a period 14 reconciliation that affected the Levy Paying learners had taken place. On our previous contracted provision, this would have happened later and been identified as a different line of the remittance advice which caused our confusion.

    There is a known issue that the Apps Pay monthly report isn’t showing the correct negative values. We thought as negative values were appearing in our report that we weren’t affected by this issue, however, it seems that we were. This will be easier for us to get closer to the reconciliation.

    It’s really good to have got to the bottom of it before the next deadline. Hopefully using the advice we’ll be able to reconcile easier next month.

Viewing 4 posts - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)

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