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  • Jordan Wallerus

    Hi Guys,

    Could you help a new guy out? And apologies if this is the wrong area to post it. The company I work for has been given an allocation form the ‘Adult Education Budget’

    We were delivering level 1 Traineeships learners 19 to 24. However, we are struggling to meet the regulated ‘work experience’ requirement of the Traineeship. In which case, the BD was wondering whether it would be appropriate to deliver our own version of a Traineeship programme (one without work experience) for the same target learners i.e. putting together a time table of; English, maths, Workskills and a technical programme set of learning aims. In a nut shell, does our own version of Traineeship (without the work experience requirement) allow us to make effective use of the AEB and are we able to draw funding down for each individual learning aim for each learner?

    If so how would I record this on the ILR when inputting programme aims? Would all separate learning aims fall under the Aim type: 1 – Programme Aim and would this still come under 24 – Traineeship in programme type? Or would the separate learning not have a registered Programme aim type?

    Thanks in advance


    Martin West

    Hi Jordan,
    Although you can design and deliver a tailored learning programme you cannot call it a ‘Traineeship’ or use the Traineeship programme aim and funding.
    The funding rules require that:
    You must plan and deliver, both the work preparation training and work placement in order to claim traineeship learning aim funding.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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