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  • GaynorLF

    For an Apprentice made redundant through no fault of their own.
    Apprenticeship funding and PM management rules 17/19 page 31 it states

    201.3. we will fund the remaining costs of the price agreed between you and the
    employer for 12 weeks, up to the funding band maximum, where the apprentice
    is over six months from the planned end-date of their apprenticeship and are
    unable to find another employer


    200.2. record the change in employment status in the ILR

    However, I cannot seem to find anything in the Provider Support Manual that states how I update the ILR.

    Can anyone offer any guidance please?


    Martin West

    P200. Where apprentices are made redundant, you must:
    200.1. make reasonable efforts to find the apprentice a new employer
    200.2. record the change in employment status in the ILR
    200.3. record apprentices more than six months from their planned end-date as having left learning if a new employer is not found within 12 weeks of their contract end date

    What else are you expecting?


    Martin West

    698. If an apprentice is made redundant, you must record this in a new Learner Employment Status record with Employment status code 11 or 12, as applicable. While the apprentice is eligible to continue their programme (see the apprenticeship funding rules), an Apprenticeship contract type FAM of ACT2 must be recorded: if the FAM code is not already ACT2 then a new record must be added.



    Thanks martin

    Can you tell me which doc 698 is in? I’ve been searching for this info.


    Martin West
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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