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    Just getting round to updating our residency guidance for staff for 2017/18 enrolments and just wondered how you deal with the follow sections of the SFA guidance:

    34. Any learner or relevant family member who has applied for an extension or variation of their current immigration permission in the UK is still treated as if they have that leave. Keeping this permission applies as long as the application was made before their current permission expired. Their leave continues until the Home Office make a decision on their immigration application.
    35. Therefore, a learner or relevant family member, is considered to still have the immigration permission that they held when they made their application for an extension, and their eligibility would be based upon this status.

    We had a couple of examples last year where the student had sent their documents to the Home Office but were only issued a generic letter in return, so we were not able to confirm what their residency status was previously to determine if they were eligible for funding. I think a couple of the students enrolled at a letter date when documents were returned rather than pay the overseas rate.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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