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    Hi all

    Anyone got any experience of having to retrospectively document off the job learning and how to justify it for audit purposes?
    If the apprentice didn’t record it at the time, but it did happen, so we’re recording it now, is this all that needs to be said?



    Martin West

    Hi Jade,
    As off-the job training may be provided by the Provider and Employer it should not be difficult to collect evidence in retrospect as delivery at the provider should be covered by your attendance registers and delivery at the Employer needs to be evidence by the Employer (see the following from the Employer Rules).

    E42. The apprentice must work enough hours each week so that they can undertake sufficient, regular training and on-the-job activity. This is to ensure that successful completion of the apprenticeship is likely. You must give the provider evidence of the agreed average weekly hours, including time spent on off-the-job training, in the evidence pack.

    It is better if you use workbooks or electronic systems to record this when it takes place but you should be able to evidence this in retrospect.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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