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  • Chris Mclaughlin

    We have Apprentices on Standards codes 104 and 105 (separate learners) Aim Seq 1 ZPROG001 the error is:
    Each open programme aim must have at least one corresponding component aim with the same combination of Programme type, Framework code and Apprenticeship pathway and Standard code.

    Can anyone help with where I can get that component aim code from please?

    As always, Thank you


    Martin West

    Hi Chris,
    You must have at least one component aim so where no Maths/English of qualification is being delivered you would need a class code from cat E, for standard 104 this would be Z0002026.


    Chris Mclaughlin

    Thank you Martin, as ever. Do you know the code for standard 105? And, so that I learn going forwards, where can I find the class codes/cat E please?

    Many thanks


    Martin West

    Hi Chris,
    Search LAR’s for the standard you require and note the Tier 2 sector and level:
    For 105 this is:
    Sector Subject Area Tier 2 15.30 – Business Management
    Notional End Level – Level 3

    Go back to LAR’s search and select + Additional filters at the bottom right
    Select Category: Class Code Category E:
    Sector Subject Area Tier 2:

    This should return Z0001926 for Level 3

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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