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  • Paul Banks

    Hi All,

    I’ve recently been in discussions with a number of our employers who have been “Stopping” payments on their Apprenticeship Service accounts.

    When looking into our ILR Data, we have the apprentices recorded as “Temporary Withdrawn” / on a break in learning. Therefore, I’ve advised the employers that this should be “paused” on their account, not “Stopped”. When the apprentice returns to learning and we create a new ILR Record, the employer can then “Re-activate” the apprentice and payments will continue – is this wrong?

    One of our employers has been advised to “stop” the payments on their account for apprentices who are on a break in learning. They were then advised to create a new cohort with a reduced price when the apprentice returns to learning to match with our ILR Data? – I’m not sure this is right?

    One thing I would say – I cannot see any guidance on this anywhere? Can anyone advise/help with this?



    Martin West

    Hi Paul,
    I do not think that Employers needs to take any action when you report the learner in the ILR as on a BIL as it is the ILR that puts the Pause on the AS Account which is automatically lifted when subsequently reported as a restart in the ILR.

    I have seen different variation of guidance from the AS and service desk but the guidance on the price for those returning from a BIL is ‘The price recorded on the new programme aim should be the same as the price prior to the break in learning unless you and the employer have negotiated a new price for the programme’.

    You a correct there is no guidance for how various change scenarios should be applied to the AS Account for Employers or Providers, I did raise this point with ESFA Digital 5 months ago but my request for some form of guidance has fallen on deaf ears.


    Paul Banks

    Thanks Martin,

    Yep, I’m aware that the ILR Data essentially “trumps” anything within AS, which is good. Just concerned that employers are then “stopping” payments or making amendments that are out of our control and impacting payments.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one getting mixed messages from Service Desk and ESFA Staff plus Employers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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