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    Hi all

    Just been reviewing the study programme guidance 17/18, there is a paragraph that is confusing/ worring me “Students who are not yet ready for Level 2 qualifications” it states “Young people whose aim is an apprenticeship or other employment, and who are capable of achieving this within 6 months, may be offered a traineeship. Those likely to need longer may be offered a study programme whose core aim is employability skills and a work placement rather than a substantial qualification.

    Do I take it that based on this anyone doing longer than 6 months at below L2 must have work experience and Employability quals on there plan ?




    I think it’s saying that IF the learner *isn’t* doing a substantial qual BUT it’s going to take them longer than six months to get up to App/Employment level THEN don’t put them on a traineeship?

    I think they’re trying to protect the brand by giving you the option to create year long study programmes that *happen* to have work experience and employability but *aren’t* traineeships?



    The main part is “Young people whose aim is an apprenticeship or other employment”

    So if you have a YP who’s aim is emp/app but can’t do a traineeship then they should do WEX or Employability aims.

    They’re basically saying that the training needs to be appropriate to what the Learner’s aims are. It’s not stating that any Learner under L2 must do these as a core. As Steve as said above, I think it’s more about saying there’s an option outside of a traineeship for those looking to go to work.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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