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    Can anyone explain the purpose of this paragraph in the guidance?

    P125. You can use delivery subcontractors to complement your own delivery if requested by an employer and agreed at the start of an apprenticeship. Delivery subcontractors can deliver full or part-apprenticeship frameworks and standards.

    It seems to contradict the information in the rest of the guidance which suggests that a main provider must delivery some part of an apprenticeship for all apprentices. I can see from other posts in this forum that the subcontracting guidance is not crystal clear and I wonder if this is deliberately ambiguous.

    Has anyone who has sought clarification on this had any feedback from the Agency? My reading of this is that you can subcontract delivery, but that you must deliver some learning and be the lead with the employer and apprentice. Paragraph 125 however suggests that subcontractors can deliver full frameworks or standards.


    Martin West

    Hi Paul,
    It is very confusing but the way I read P123 it defines ‘Apprenticeship Programme’ as not for an individual framework or standard but as ‘the apprentices that are being trained for the employer that has chosen you’.
    I think the way that this is intended to work in practice is when an Employer has chosen you as a main provider you must deliver some of the Apprenticeship training for that employer but that you may subcontract a specific framework or standard where that is required by the employer but you do not deliver it.



    Thanks Martin – I agree with this interpretation and I’ve heard this explanation before but not by anyone from the SFA which always makes you a little hesitant. I’ve asked the Agency for clarification so will report back anything we hear.

    As a general point, the subcontracting guidance across the guidance documents is not as clear as it could be.

    This is especially true where providers may subcontract elements of training to employers. The change in funding and within content of the standards means that this is an increasingly likely set of circumstances and there are employers that are looking to develop their own training programmes but want to do this on a phased basis with support from training providers.

    The changes to the latest version of the funding guidance expose the nervousness that the Agency has around this;employers are co-investing but also being paid for delivery.

    I think that providers need more clarity on this subject with some scenarios written into the rules so that we can assure ourselves that we are acting within the rules.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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