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    a quick question – Can you tell me if this BIRST report can be exported to excel please
    FRM01 – Repeat Learning Aims

    / FRM01 – Repeat Learning Aims

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    Martin West

    To export data from a single report, or from the summary page tables, hover over the top right hand corner of the chart to see a curved downward arrow. Click on this to display ‘Dashlet Actions’. Select ‘Export As’ then your chosen output type (see Annex A: figure 5). We recommend that you select ‘Data to Excel’ if you are going to compare report data to that held in your own systems.



    Yes, though it’s not at all obvious.

    On each report in the top right of the report you’ll see a little downward pointing curved arrow (which disappears if you’re cursor is off screen), hover over it and you’ll see ‘dashlet actions’, you can export to excel there.



    Martin obviously types more quickly than I…!



    Thank you so much both of you – I had been looking at the more obvious export button at the top which only downloads a PDF which looks more like a screen shot

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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