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    Hi, I’m struggling with eligibility for traineeships. If you read the ESFA guidance it states the individual must not have a level 3 (fine) but also must be unemployed (JSA, ESA or UC and earning minimum wage). How does this fit for 16-18 year olds who have a part-time job? We have a 16-18 individual who has a Saturday job at the coop. I can’t find guidance that clarifies the eligibility of this person. If you look at the ‘Is Traineeship for Me’ document here – – it states that if you are working less than 16 hours you are eligible (but this is the only guidance on this I’ve found). Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks



    off the top of my head, they are eligible if they are claiming unemployment benefits but if they are on JSA etc. then it limits the maximum number of hours per week that they can do. if they are not in receipt of benefits then there is no hours cap.

    They can be in another job already as a part time worker and the Traineeship run along side that job. The work placement they do must be different hours and preferably employer to their existing employment if they are already in part time employment. A learner cannot be full time employed and do a Traineeship as the Traineeship funding is there to bridge the gap for learners who would otherwise be unable to get a full time apprenticeship or job. one of the more important aspects of eligibility is that the learner cannot be ready to go on to an apprenticeship directly, there must be a justification for them to undertake a Traineeship rather than and apprenticeship, full time education or employment.

    i checked a few of these in the past year with the service desk who confirmed the guidance hasn’t really changed since the initial briefing guides went out a few years ago but it’s not been fully incorporated in to the other funding guidance documents.

    hope that helps.
    Ben F.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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