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    Please can someone advise on if a learner, who has previously started a Level 2 Framework with another provider and was in learning with them for 7 months, can then transfer into us but change from a Framework to a Standard for the same subject (i.e Hairdressing) and start it from scratch – it’s for the same level? If so, would we need to do a reduction in funding? MTIA


    Martin West

    Not so much a reduction in funding but you would agree a price with the employer see the guidance from the ILR Support Manual.

    Transfers to a different provider on the same or a different apprenticeship
    637. The original provider closes the ILR records for the apprentice and records any repayment of co-investment as applicable using PMR records.
    638. The new provider will create new learning aims for the apprentice with new start dates and planned end dates as applicable. The new provider must record the new price for the programme using AFinType = TNP and AFinCode 1 and 2 as applicable, the Apprenticeship contract type FAM must also be recorded.



    Hi Scottia

    Would it not be in the best interest of the learner and employer to transfer them in on the existing framework and just continue their learning to completion, having already done 7 months on programme?

    If you do put the learner onto the Standard then, as they are both hairdressing apprenticeships, you will have to assess and document relevant prior learning. You should agree a price with the employer after this has been taken into consideration.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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