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  • vicki76

    Hi all

    We always use the learning aim CMISC001 for tutorial hours within a study programme.
    The tutorial (EEP) hours are showing in aims within ILR. However they are not being added to the overall planned EEP hours. Other EEP hours are adding up (like enrichment etc) but not CMISC001.
    I wondered if the learning aim that we should use for tutorial has changed?

    Any help is much appreciated


    Martin West

    For the ILR this was last used in 2012/13
    Time spent on CMISC001 aims should from 13/14 be recorded in the Planned employability, enrichment and pastoral hours field for EFA funded study programmes. It is not recorded as a learning aim in the IILR.
    You can still use this aim in your MI system, but it should be set to not to be included in the ILR.
    What MI software are you using?


    Richard Phipps

    As Martin said, it sounds like more of an issue with your MI system as we use the CMISC001 learning aim but don’t return it and we don’t have any issues. We use ProSolution here.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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