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    I’m having some troubles with an error message for the past 2 months now and i have tired and called Data service, but no help.

    The error message reads ‘ The learner is under 19. The Date of birth returned is 06/10/1994. There is about 14 other learners with this error message. Its not only for learners who I have put down for functional skills but also apprenticeship. And I am claiming 16 to 18 funding for them, but still this error occurs when the files are uploaded.

    I have put them down for 16 to 18 funding on PICS but still its an error.

    I would be grateful if you could help as this issue is an on going error for the past 2 months and its causing me a lot of troubles.

    Thanks in advance




    I am also getting tis error the learner will be 20 in November.
    However my learner is on a Co-funded L2 QCF and is over 19.

    I have sent the error to the Helpdesk.
    Still waiting for a reply.

    Any help would be appreciated.




    Are the aims wrongly marked as learning when they should be components or vice versa?



    Hi Lawlorm,

    I have double-checked the component aims. It is correctly coded on the ILR.

    Aureliaadmin – I have also contacted Pellcomp Support Desk. This have advised me to contact the Data Service Support Desk. Still waiting for a resolution.


    Martin West

    Hi all,
    This rule should only be applied where you are claiming funding under funding model 35 or 81.
    The Rule Description is:
    If the learner is undertaking non-Apprenticeship learning aims, the learner must be 19 or over on 31 August of the current teaching year unless the learner is an ‘OLASS – Offender in custody’

    The error will be triggered if:
    The FM35 or 81 and
    DateOfBirth < 19 on 31 August of the current teaching year and
    The LearningDelivery ProgType indicates an Apprenticeship and
    No LearningDeliveryFAM LDM with code 034 to indicate OLASS – Offenders in custody

    So I would check for correct FM and ProgType.



    This was the answer I got from the Data Service re this error, i.e. despite them being 19 when they started their programme, they have to be 19 on 19/8/13.

    The SFA Funding Rules (page 6) confirm that:

    3. To be eligible to be funded by us, on the first day of learning a learner must be:

    3.1. aged 19 or older on 31 August within the funding year in question (if the learning aim is not an Apprenticeship), or 3.2. aged 15 or older and have left compulsory education (if the learner is an apprentice or following an Access to Apprenticeship pathway). The apprentice or learner cannot start until after the last Friday in June in the academic year in which they have their 16th birthday.


    Martin West

    Hi all,
    The aims could have known issues in LARS or it could be a known issue with the validation rule.
    Are there common aims that cause this problem?



    That DoB would make them 19 or 20 depending when they actually started, but you say you are claiming 16-18 funding so now I am confused!




    we had the same error and received the same response from the Data Service.

    However –

    In Version 2 of the Funding rules page 78 which states

    “Learners aged 19 to 23
    (The age applies on the day they actually start the learning aim, not their age at the start of the funding year.)”

    This statement has been removed from Version 3, but I could not find any notification which stated this change had been made. Sometimes it is difficult to read every word of a 100+ page document.



    Hi Dan, this error will be triggered if the learner is being recorded as Adult Skills Funded (FundModel = 35) and is undertaking non-Apprenticeships aims and the learner was under 19 on 31 August 2013. The Skills Funding Agency will not fund any non-Apprenticeship aims, using Funding model 35 where the learner is under 19 at 31 August 2013 (unless OLASS). If a non-Apprenticeship aim is being recorded and 16-18 funding is being claimed, then the funding model would be EFA funding (FundModel 25). Hope that helps. Thanks Sharon King

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