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  • JadeTurnerTC

    Hi all

    We have an apprentice that signed up to an apprenticeship and then almost immediately withdrew.

    We had loaded her on the ILR but hadn’t got round to loading on the apprenticeship service.

    I’m trying to withdraw her but PICS is shouting at me saying FAM ACT exceeds completion date. Any ideas?




    My understanding is that you need to close the ACT down with the same data as the actual end date of the learner
    Open the Contract type in the ILR programme screen and change the “applies to” date to the actual end date
    the theory is you cannot have a contract going beyond the learners end date



    Thank you.

    The only thing that doesn’t work for is functional skills ICT. There is no ACT FAM field for this component aim, but it’s still not letting me close it down with the same error message. I’ve updated the ACT FAM for the ILR programme and the other functional skills but can’t see how to fix the ICT…


    Pellcomp Support

    Hi, Jade.

    There shouldn’t be any ACT value against ICT aims as it’s not required. For a short while though we did show the ACT field for ICT aims, and so it’s possible someone did incorrectly add a value that now needs removing. We have a script that can be run against your data to clear this up, so please contact us via the usual routes and we’ll guide you through this.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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