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    Don’t know if anyone can help – the below was on this weeks ESFA Bulletin, have others had a letter, as if we had one, no one knows where it is. Can anyone advise if they’ve had a letter?
    Work experience capacity development fund
    ESFA wrote to colleges and schools on 20 October 2017 with information relating to the 2018-19 capacity development fund (CDF). ESFA plans to allocate more than £50 million to colleges in 2018-19 on the basis of the numbers of students enrolled on predecessor programmes to T levels. The money is intended to help colleges and other providers build up their capacity so that a rising number of young people will be on work placements. In order to claim the money, institutions need to complete an online return by 24 November 2017. There are some complications with the conditions surrounding the placements but the money is being paid as a grant. ESFA will not claw funds back if colleges do not offer the required number of placements but it is likely to use activity data in 2018-19 to determine funding in 2019 and beyond.



    Yes – we had it. It was sent to our CEO – Usually comes “For the attention of the Head of Institution”




    Thank you, did it come as post or email?



    It was an email – dated 20th October 17 – there was a webinar about it last week and the deadline to submit it 24th November 17.

    They will send the presentation used at the webinar but things that caught my ear were:if you have under 100 learners you might consider collaborative agreement, only 10% of learners must have 3 months high quality, External substantive work placement (45-60 days = 315 hours) in the first year which is directly related to that specific vocation, work placement must have learning aims agreed at the beginning and at the end demonstrate whether learning aims have been completed – if the aims were achieved and student passed all the qualifications that employer wanted them to pass then it is counted successful. This is directly in preparation for T levels, should be used as preparation for Apprenticeships. The placement must be occupationally specific and relevant to that particular vocation. ESFA is especially keen for SEN students to be given the opportunity to develop work skills.
    CDF is not prescriptive, there is a flexibility what we can use it for – to suit our needs. Suitable for levels 2 and 3, 16 to 18 old learners – can be delivered over 2 years.

    We can start developing capacity from April 18 and using CDF funds, outsourcing is permitted, objective is to make learners work ready.

    Our implementation plan must have a huge amount of detail for every single question.

    We can sell it to employer as “try it before you buy” enabling employers to save on recruitment costs, work placement can be part-time. Deadline 24th November 17 – they might come back to us to clarify some points and submit it again by middle of December.

    Hope that the above helps.



    Wow, thank you for the response! Appreciated, I will try and get hold of someone, anyone, at ESFA to find out what happened to our letter, as worried what else is going astray now!
    Thank you again.

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