Data audit

The Skills Funding Agency appoints funding auditors to audit a sample of providers’ provision and funding claims and to give their opinion on whether providers’ Adult Skills Budget, 16-18 Apprenticeships, OLASS and EFA Funded 16-19 funding claims comply with funding requirements.

Audit issues

SFA financial assurance: audit assurance review issues 2014 to 2015
Summary of common issues arising from reviews undertaken by the Skills Funding Agency’s PFMA Team on provider data in 2014 to 2015.

Audit programmes

SFA financial assurance: funding assurance review programmes
How the Agency selects colleges for funding assurance reviews and how the related documents will be used by the SFA and appointed auditors.

Audit tools

Provider Data Self-Assessment Toolkit (PDSAT)
The PDSAT has been designed to:
• enable providers to analyse their ILR data
• assist auditors in the audit of providers’ ILR data